Brave Puppy

Helping your Best Friend...

Brave Puppy is a sound socialisation app which is specifically designed to help your puppy grow into the confident, comfortable dog it was meant to be. Simply stated, it helps you train your puppy (or adult dog) to not be fearful or excited when they hear various sounds. Containing over 85 expertly curated sounds, you are sure to help your best friend become a BRAVE PUPPY.

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Confidence and Self-Assuredness is everyone's right... even your Puppy's!

Curated Sounds

The 85+ sounds in Brave Puppy have been specially curated to assist your dog.

Family Library

Multiple users in your household? No problems. Brave Puppy is family library ready.

Bluetooth Access

Ability to play sounds through a Bluetooth external speaker for best training impact.


Save your favorite sounds so you can find them easily.

Responsive Developer

We use Brave Puppy everyday, so if there are features you want to see... just let us know.

10% Profits Donated

10% of profits from the Premium App are donated to the Blind Foundation.