If the solution isn’t beautiful, then I know it is wrong.

Serial Problem Solver, and former Accountant, I have risen from the ashes to become a software & IoT developer specialising in JavaScript/TypeScript, Dart and Python.

What is Risen Solutions?

After working for over a decade as an Accountant; I realised that it wasn’t for me. I just didn’t really like most of the day-to-day aspects of accounting but loved the data-crunching and systems work that I occasionally got to perform. I felt a yearning to be more creative… and, well, creative accounting isn’t really encouraged for a whole range of reasons! ;-)

So I set myself a goal to become a full-stack developer, specifically a developer capable of building data-driven applications that make life easier, more fun, or just more efficient. The process was involved and took me through many languages and frameworks but eventually I settled on JavaScript/TypeScript (NodeJS, React, NextJS) and Dart (Flutter), amongst various other enabling technologies. I had a problem though… as a middle-aged self-taught developer I didn’t really fit the mold of a junior dev; who was going to hire me?

Risen Solutions was born.

Risen solutions is a boutique software development house through which I have worked with some amazing clients, as well as built some interesting personal projects. From designing, building and hosting a corporate risk management system; to developing a user application for changing one’s mindset; the journey has been fun, fascinating and eye-opening. Each new project, which are listed in the portfolio below, provided me with new problem-solving opportunities and enhanced my ability to pick up new skills/frameworks quickly.

Now Risen Solutions specialises in providing custom business solutions and data-broking applications to streamline business processes; increase accuracy, effectiveness and efficiency; and allow you to focus on making a real difference in your business and not be bogged down in the mundane tedium of replicatable tasks. Automate the boring stuff with Risen Solutions!

What technologies do I work with?

Below are some of the main technologies that I have experience working with. Some of these are used on an almost daily basis.


Web app development with NodeJS, React, NextJS, Vue and NuxtJS


Cross-platform mobile development using Flutter


IoT development on Raspberry Pi


SQL (MSSQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL) and NoSQL (MongoDB, Firebase)

Data Analytics/Dashboards

MS PowerBI & Excel


Source control, testing and CI/CD Pipelines

Testing Suites

E2E with Cypress, various frameworks for Unit/TDD/BDD

Amazon Web Services

Deployment and other services


Docker and Kubernetes regularly used for deployment of workloads

Linux Distros

Mostly working with Debian based systems but some experience with RHEL


MS Administrator experience


HTML 5 and CSS 3

Project Portfolio

Like any design professional, software developers are only as good as their last project. Admittedly my work generally possesses much less 'color' than some other designers; but a whole lot more data wrangling. Most of my work has been in private code bases, but you can see a summary of my recent projects below. You can also view my Gitlab Profile here for a more detailed look at what I can share.

Make life less boooorrrrring!

Want me to automate something boring for you? Chances are that I’ll find it interesting… why not drop me a line to find out.

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