If the solution isn’t beautiful, then I know it is wrong.

Risen Solutions is a boutique software & IoT development house built by Phoenix that creates beautiful solutions to lovable problems. My sphere of interest encompasses everything from human growth & potential; dog behaviour & breeding; wine, mead, beer & spririts; to agricultural & ecological solutions… in short I just love to solve problems. So if you have a lovable problem… please get in touch!

Who is Risen Solutions?

Risen Solutions is a boutique software & IoT development house operated from Tasmania, Australia by Phoenix. I initially created it fuel my desire to engage in more systems orientated work after working for many years as a Senior Accountant. Whilst the business knowledge gained was tremendous, I felt a yearning to be more ‘systematic’ in my approach rather than predominately operational. Risen Solutions was born.

Since that time, Risen Solutions has developed (if you’ll excuse the pun) a name for itself building custom solutions utilising a range of technologies. I focus especially on web applications (apps) as I believe that, in the modern connected world, web apps provide the most cost effective & efficient method for building software applications and integrating multiple services. Want your receipting solution to post directly to your accounting package… yup, we can do that. What about your hosted eCommerce store updating your CRM? Yup, we can do that too…

Feel free to read more about Risen Solutions below, and reach out to me if I might be able to assist you with your projects.

What technologies do I work with?

Below are some of the technologies that we work with on an almost daily basis. Of course this isn't an exhaustive list but it gives you some idea of the scope of our interests.



Linux Distros


Raspberry Pi

Node JS


Amazon Web Services


Android OS




Project Portfolio

Like any design professional, software developers are only as good as their last project. Admittedly my work generally possesses much less 'color' than some other designers; but a whole lot more data wrangling. You can see some of my recent projects below.

Work with Me!

Have a lovable problem that you’d like some help with? Drop me an email and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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